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cleaning sex toys

Cleaning Sex Toys

We're all aware of the various benefits a healthy sex life can bring to us. From improved mental and physical health to strengthing our relationships with our partners, it can't be overstated how important being sexually active is for us as adult human beings. One of the best ways to practice a healthy sexual lifestyle, either alone or with a partner, is to introduce sex toys into the equation. But like every other sexual activity, without taking sexual hygiene into consideration, you can subject yourself to some serious health risks. Product Description Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with our spray-on cleanser. Our unique cleansing agent gently cleans and protects, yet it’s mild enough to use every time. Directions: remove batteries before cleaning battery operated toys. Spray the cleaner over the entire surface area, then wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly and dry. This Toy Cleaner is a MUST HAVE for cleaning your toy properly! We highly recommend buying it to go along with your toy purchase!That's why cleaning sex toys properly is so important. But how exactly do you clean your sex toys in a safe way? Do you need to invest in various sex toy cleaners? And what are the most important ...
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Sex Tips

Sex Toy Shopping Tips

Love And Sex Toys: Tips For Shopping Whether your relationship is starting to feel stagnant or you just want something to spice up an evening, sex toys can add a playful level of fun to your life. There are now many online stores as well as retail options available, so shopping for these romantic playthings can be done in person or from the comfort of your home. The popularity of these establishments indicates a growing demand for variety and quality in adult entertainment. Here are a few tips to remember when delving into the world of sex toys. 1. They're toys, have fun. Many vibrators and other implements come in an array of bright colors and shapes which might look strangely alien at first. The more you read and observe, the more you'll start to understand the form and function. If you are fortunate enough to have an adult store near you that carries these items, stop in and touch. Don't be shy. Pick them up and hold them to observe the weight and feel. If your establishment is really on the ball and has included batteries, turn on vibrators and check the sound. Take a friend or your lover ...
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Health benefits of sex

The Health Benefits of Sex

Doing Your Body Good: The Health Benefits of Sex By J. A. Young The term sex, especially in the media, conjures up many images, but seldom is this basic human act discussed in terms of health and fitness.  Often sex is often discussed in the news as something lurid or a dangerous activity that people must take precautions for or abstain from.  Of course, there are many aspects of this human activity, but it’s important to understand the physical positive that sex brings to your body.  The following text highlights the health benefits of sex. The most basic and, perhaps, the most obvious benefit of sex is the exercise factor.  Burning calories in bed is a great way to shed pounds.  Thirty minutes of sex can help you burn more than eighty calories.  An extremely vigorous session might even allow you to burn up two hundred calories.   It takes 3,500 burnt calories to shed one pound, but those eighty minutes sessions add up.  And, the exercise component of sex is good for your cardiovascular health too.  Some scientific research suggests that men who have sex two times of more during the week can cut their risk of a ...
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Bondage Kit

Bondage For Beginners

Bondage For Beginners! By Terry Mancour When you think of “kinky”, often the first thing that pops into your head is the image of whips and chains, pain and pleasure . . . and some guy with a cheesy 70s pornstar mustache.  But erotic bondage and discipline is both far more common and far less extreme than most people think.  Millions of couples have incorporated light bondage and fantasy discipline into their every-day sex lives without going to extremes.  Once the practice is understood for what it is – and what it isn’t – then incorporating this kind of fantasy sex into your life is a great way to inject some passion and intensity into your relationship. Restraints Erotic bondage is, quite simply, the use of restraints on one partner during sex to suggest a loss of control that many find exciting.  Control games such as tying up or blindfolding your partner can be highly stimulating – some lovers who have a hard time reaching orgasm because of control issues find it far easier to do so once they have abandoned themselves to a light bondage scenario.  The restraints, as nominal as they might be, give them permission to relax ...
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Silicone Sex Toys

The Safest Sex Toy Materials

The Safest Sex Toy Materials By Nicole Martinez Although most sex toy manufacturers and retailers are quick to highlight the features of their products -- how many times have you seen the "Waterproof" logo or wondered just how many vibration patterns a toy actually needs? -- you should also pay attention to the material of sex toys. While it's true that higher quality vibrators and dildos may have a higher initial investment, some materials are simply safer and healthier. If money is your bottom line, consider that safer materials also tend to need less replacing; thus, you may be saving money in the long run, when you purchase a sex toy made of safe materials. Generally speaking, the safest materials are those that are non-porous or have a low porosity. Porous materials, like traditional jelly toys, have tiny holes that can harbor bacteria, even when your sex toy is physically clean. Most people disinfect items and surfaces in their home, even if those items come nowhere near the orifices of the body so why wouldn't you want the same for your sex toy? Non-porous toys may also leak chemicals or oils, have a strong, unpleasant odor and can leech colors ...
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Couples Sex Advice Eight Tips That Will Help You to Overcome a Dry Spell in Your Marriage

Couples Sex Advice: Eight Tips That Will Help You to Overcome a Dry Spell in Your Marriage By Dr. E. C. Gordon The claim that a married sex life is necessarily repetitive or stale is an inaccurate cliché. If you and your spouse are finding physical intimacy to be unsatisfying in its nature or frequency, you do not simply need to accept that this is how things will continue to be. Read on to discover the eight most effective and straightforward things that you can do in order to overcome a sexual dry spell in your marriage, and learn how to make married sex hot, fun and passionate once again. 1) Don’t let your sex life cause depression or anxiety: It is vital to remember that almost all couples experience periods of diminished sexual desire or satisfaction. Even people who are deeply in love and sexually open-minded can still find their sex lives destroyed by stress, family responsibilities or health problems. It is also common to have a temporarily reduced libido and be entirely unsure of the cause, even when you are still extremely attracted to your partner. Problems in the bedroom do not have to indicate that the marriage ...
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Cock Ring Imagery

Thirteen Tips to Help You Prolong Sex and Be a Better Lover

Thirteen Tips to Help You Prolong Sex and Be a Better Lover By Dr. E. C. Gordon Thirteen Tips to Help You Prolong Sex and Be a Better Lover When men are asked how their sex lives could be improved, most admit that they feel they would be better lovers if they had a higher degree of sexual stamina. However, most also believe that they have no real hope of obtaining substantially longer-lasting erections without the use of medication. Thankfully, this is not the case. By incorporating the following thirteen tips into your sex life, you can achieve stronger and more effective erections without being prescribed drugs. 1) Vary your diet as much as possible: Several interesting studies on male sexual performance have revealed that men with a limited diet have less healthy circulatory systems. If your circulatory system is not functioning to the best of its ability, it is more likely that you will have problems achieving and maintaining an erection (as the blood flow to your penis will be poor). To boost your circulation, make sure that you are getting enough energy from your meals. Eat plenty of protein, as well as carbohydrate-rich food such as brown bread, ...
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Sex Drive

Seven Tips for Dealing With Incompatible Sex Drives

Seven Tips for Dealing With Incompatible Sex Drives by Dr. E. C. Gordon Seven Tips for Dealing With Incompatible Sex Drives Although sex is not the most important part of a long term relationship, partners with different sex drives can find that this incompatibility starts to interfere with other aspects of their relationship. If your partner seems to be less interested in sex, you can feel unattractive, insecure and frustrated. Meanwhile, if your partner wants to have more frequent sex, you can feel pressured and resentful. Read on to discover seven tips that will help you to understand and deal with the difference between your partner’s sex drive and your own. 1) Have a long, honest conversation: If you refuse to talk about your sex life, any problems can be magnified and can start to infect unexpected parts of your interpersonal dynamic. After a while, the whole relationship may turn sour. Given these possibilities, avoiding the issue is one of the worst decisions you can make if you and your partner have incompatible sex drives. That being said, many people find it awkward and uncomfortable to have frank conversations about sex, so if you decide to be the one to ...
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Sexual Sensuality

Seven Sensual Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Seven Sensual Ways to Improve Your Sex Life By Dr E. C. Gordon When you have been in a relationship for years or even decades, your sex life often becomes something of a routine. Once you have learned about the things that your partner enjoys, it is tempting to just repeat these specific acts. After all, they are successful, and trying new things comes with the possibility of failure. However, once sex becomes predictable then it starts to become merely pleasant as opposed to passionate, and from there it can easily become boring. In addition, couples often become rather lazy about sex as the years wear on, all but eliminating foreplay or allowing it to turn into a cursory process. Read on to learn about seven ways to add some sensuality to your sex life and improve your relationship in the process. 1) Make foreplay last much longer: A lot of couples will simply kiss for a few minutes before moving on to intercourse, or pay lip service to the idea of foreplay by briefly caressing each other before getting undressed. However, if you do this then you are missing out on a lot of intimacy and on the chance ...
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How to Realize Your Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner

How to Realize Your Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner by Calvin Kelly How to realize your sexual fantasies with your partner We all have sexual fantasies. Some are tame idiosyncrasies while others can be intricately hardcore. Either way, if you want them to play out in real life, you're likely to need a willing partner. The crucial element in undertaking the realization of these ideas is trust between yourself and your significant other. Especially when they may be stepping out of their comfort zone to make it happen. So how do you broach the subject and what rules should you follow to ensure that you both enjoy the experience? Before opening the floor to fantasy confession, make sure your relationship is in a healthy state. It's unlikely that you'll both have the same fantasies, so at its core you're dealing with compromise and nothing stunts this process like an unresolved argument. Choose an appropriate place where you can talk freely, and a time where you can both focus on the topic without any lurking interruptions. Begin by asking if there's anything new they would like to try in the bedroom. Make it about what turns them on. If they're unsure, ...
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